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nhzKARM asset launched!

nhzKARM asset with ID number of 14027245553053047036 is launched!

What is that?!

In short, nhzKARM asset is my project aimed at supporting KARMA’s long-term development funding.

As a result of the recent closure of Karmashares LLC, many of the holder of KARMA coin have either sold off their holdings or lost interest in taking active roles in furthering Karma’s development. So much so that a 300$ expenditure to pay off KARMA API developer is still not fully funded. While it is notable that under the given circumstances, many have still extended their generosity into that payment fund. Not that the Karma community is poor or does not have the interest to support the needs of the coin. It’s just that many are taking a break after realizing the fact that much of the published KARMA plans before, in connection to the LLC will not be possible to continue.

Personally, I can only do so little to keep things moving forward. Everyone, including myself is looking for alternative projects that will fill the void left by the sudden departure of Karmashares LLC.

Until, NHZ network came into the picture. A clone of NXT coin with its team of developers that are comprised by some of the best people in this side of technology, they are bent in making the good concept of NXT better. How better? They are distributing their NHZ coin in a more transparent and fair way, by offering bounties to anyone who would do something good for NHZ, their coin is distributed and improved at the same time. Indeed, looking into its growth and development today, one will agree that NHZ is destined to be BIG!

If you are not familiar with the features of NHZ, here are some that are important to understand, in order to appreciate nhzKARM asset.

1. Network

NHZ is capable of hosting assets within its network, it means that asset owners can issue, sell, buy and transfer digital assets inside its digital wallet.

2. Trading

Those assets can be traded for either NHZ or another asset within its network.

3. Forging

NHZ coins will earn more coins if kept inside the wallet and “forging” is activated.

These three features are very interesting for everyone who would like to conduct a growing digital business. Because it means that a digital asset will have the ability to stay valuable and trade-able across many other NHZ coin holders and asset issuers. Giving more stability and security to both the coin network and NHZ assets – NHZ growth would mean a corresponding value rise to the assets traded inside it’s network.

Dealing with assets can be profitable. Of course you have to study and do your due diligence before trading with any asset, including this nhzKARM asset. When handled properly, there are 2 ways an nhzKARM asset holder can gain from, the first is the growth of market trade value of the asset itself, and the second is from the bonuses that will be distributed on the designated dates. The first is a one time gain while the second will continue as long as the nhzKARM asset is operational.

Where will nhzKARM get it’s growth?

“The collected fund from the trade of these assets will be used for mining, coins trading and NHZ coins staking. Other growth generating project will also be sought in the future, such as but not limited to online selling of tangible products. 100% profits made through these ventures will be distributed to nhzKARM asset holders, according to the percentage of the asset they have, against the total number of nhzKARM assets.

Why is this a good way to support KARMA?

Because this method is more profitable compared to the usual donation-calling for every KARMA development and maintenance need that comes up. It is also more secured than just sending KARMA coins to a wallet and hoping that those coins will be safe and growing. In this method, everyone will have the value of their coin in their control, they can choose to trade off the assets they have, if ever they need to convert it again into another form of crypto currency or asset.

This will also bring the whole KARMA community in tune with the changing crypto currency landscape by making use of the emerging assets exchanges advancements. Paving the way into a more liquid KARMA economy by providing many potential users, another way to acquire KARMA.

When the multigateway method is finally implemented into the NHZ network, it will also be a way to instantly exchange Karma into any other supported crypto coins or asset, without going to a coin exchange.

Is there a guarantee to the safety and profitability of my NHZ traded into this asset?

As in any venture, risk of loss is never totally eliminated, so it will be wise to trade in only the amount that you can comfortably afford to lose.” – as quoted from my original Bicointalk Forum post.

With a notable disclaimer to “do your due diligence before taking part in this asset including but not limited to the legality of joining in your country of residence”. Because, while there is a good chance of growth, nothing is guaranteed in crypto currency world. With regards to the movement of funds when they are being used for gainful activities, the blockchain explorers of KARMA and NHZ will provide the needed transparency.

How was the launch?

I would say that, the launch is a success! The give-away of 3 000 000 nhzKARM assets for those who are interested to have a piece of the action, was almost completely given out within the first 24 hours of launch. And while free assets are being sent, assets are also being traded from the trade offer! For that I am very thankful, it means that my personal efforts to move KARMA forward and upward is being recognized, and many are willing to support this cause too. It is not easy, but I firmly believe it is doable. Especially if you will be there to support nhzKARM and KARMA.

Hopefully, nhzKARM will succeed in its purpose. To provide growth to its holders and give support to KARMA in more ways than one.

For more details about this nhzKARM asset, please read the whole original post in Bitcointalk Forum.